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Strategic priorities for Santorini tourism product have been defined

A much-awaited strategic plan for Santorini has been developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in cooperation with the Minister of Tourism and the Chamber of Cyclades.

The plan was defined following research and analysis of the current situation and future trends and included insights from businesses, residents and visitors.

The 6 strategic priorities are:

"1. Making Santorini sustainable for the decades to come

2. Managing tourism to ensure residents' quality of life and quality of visitor experience - ensuring that these match the brand

3. Conserving the quality of Santorini's built and natural environment

4. Ensuring Santorini achieves optimum value from tourism

5. Developing new experiences for the off-season, providing a model for attracting higher revenue summer tourism

6. Enhancing the brand"

These priorities are also coupled by 176 specific actions.

In addition, focus will be given on crisis readiness and civil protection, as well as on developing a series of programs and actions to support the successful delivery of the plan.

It is now down to implementation between the public and private sector.

Follow the link for the full study:

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