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Travel & Tourism industry at risk: Valuations at the Half Year point - What next?

Data as at market close June 30, 2020

With the Q2 earnings season underway, we can’t help but reflect on how frequently sentiment shifted from the start of the year, with leading companies in the broad Travel & Tourism sector continuing to suffer the consequences this deadly pandemic bears for customers, employees, partners and - ultimately - valuations.

We remind ourselves that the industry is amidst the worse demand crisis ever, triggered by an unpredictable public health crisis that is still developing. Increased transparency and close cooperation amongst stakeholders in all subsectors might help the industry weather this unprecedented storm. How the industry will look after this is all over, will depend on a widening number of factors, principle amongst which are predictions over the duration and the intensity of the pandemic. Preparing for the worse case scenario is as important as preparing to safely restart and recover.

Download the snapshot here:

T&T Valuations at Half Year Point - 12 J
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